Carl and I have been weeding the garden like mad the last few days. Out of the 500 square feet, a good 150 (if not more) of it had weeds. I assume it’s because we brought in a bunch of topsoil last year, but all the same, it’s quite annoying. I think most all of it is clear of weeds now, thank goodness. And we have vegetables growing! Some tomatoes on about half the plants, a few bell peppers on a couple of the plants, butternut squash, some melons (I don’t remember which kind I planted there, so we’ll just guess when they’re ripe), zucchini, cucumbers, and artichokes! One of the squash plants has started annexing the schoolyard behind our house, which is quite fun. Squash extended about ten feet into the schoolyard a couple years ago, causing the mowers to mow around it. The butternut squash plant in question is growing out of the compost, so it’s terrifically happy and producing lots of squash. The lettuce has just about gone to seed, as has the arugula. I don’t know what’s going on with the kale – it’s nearly inedible from being so tough, so if anyone has suggestions on what to do with it, let me know. I think that about covers what we are growing – a few more types of squash and melons, and then the asparagus is nice and bushy, so lots of nutrients are getting to the roots. And the potatoes and sweet potatoes are coming along nicely.

Last night, we had lambchops from our meat CSA in a marinade of lemon juice, garlic, and oregano, and we had roasted beets. The beets are better when they’re wrapped in foil and roasted that way, but these were okay. It was our first time having lambchops – they were absolutely delicious, and I look forward to having them again. I made GF crepes for breakfast – also delicious.

All in all, life is good, and I’m happy with how things are going. I haven’t done much sewing recently, but I’ll get back to that.


This is a blog post about blogs. Namely, my blogs. I have three of them, if you didn’t know. The first is this one, which is my personal one where I write about anything that strikes my fancy. The second is “Laws and Found,” at That one is about legal things not directly related to my areas of practice. Lately I’ve been writing about things relating to my practice itself, like choosing a name (it may sound boring, but it was a rather involved process) and benefits of working for myself. And third is my firm blog, found at That one is about the areas of practice of my firm. Most of the posts are currently about estate planning, but keep an eye out for posts related to adoption, elder law, and exciting issues I’m running into.

Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here: I started my own firm about two and a half months ago! It’s called Vesta Legal, and I started it chiefly to do estate planning but also to protect the rights of the individual and the family. Please do check out my website, if you didn’t already click on the link above and poke around.


1 June 12

I fear I’ve killed off a lot of my pepper plants, both through pulling them up with weeds (we have weeds that look remarkably like pepper plants) and now through the cold. I’m quite disappointed. Maybe I’ll try putting some seeds straight in the ground later this weekend, once it has warmed up a little more. I’ve heard that peppers do better when started inside, but I can’t wait at this point.

Also, I have SO MANY tomato plants. We’ll cage them in the next few days.