Bridal Emergency Kit

30 April 13

A good friend got married last weekend. It was a wonderful ceremony and a fun reception. As one of the bridesmaids, I elected to bring the emergency kit for the day. And this was the emergency kit to end all emergency kits. I was prepared for basically anything except a biochemical attack. It was a pretty packed duffel bag, but it came in handy, and thankfully, I didn’t actually have to use much of it. 🙂 So here’s my list of contents:

  • sewing kit (including extra buttons, hooks and eyes, and small scissors; mine also had some sticky-backed velcro, you know, just in case)
  • hem tape
  • safety pins (multiple sizes)
  • scissors (large)
  • superglue (I had two single use things)
  • clear nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • nail polish remover (I had nail polish remover pads)
  • static cling spray
  • spot remover
  • white chalk (to cover spots)
  • tampons/pads
  • pantyliners (you can also use these to line the armpit of dresses or shirts to keep from sweating through things)
  • nylons
  • painkillers (2 types, in case someone is allergic to one)
  • band-aids
  • breath mints
  • eye drops
  • dental floss
  • toothpicks
  • toothbrushes (really, bring a few)
  • toothpaste
  • bobby pins
  • hair ties
  • earring backs
  • straws
  • cups
  • tissues
  • handkerchief
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers
  • emery board
  • cuticle trimmers
  • foundation
  • concealer
  • lipstick
  • corsage pins (yeah, I did actually use these)
  • antibacterial wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • lotion
  • matches
  • scotch tape
  • Benadryl (or Unisom tablets – both can be used as a sedative)
  • smelling salts
  • comb
  • brush
  • round brush
  • curling iron
  • flatiron
  • hair dryer (even if you’re getting ready in a hotel room, make sure you have one – we ended up using this at the chapel when the flower girl poured water down the front of her dress)
  • hairspray
  • frizz gel or spray
  • mirror (small and large)
  • perfume
  • sunblock
  • lint brush
  • baby powder
  • Tums
  • Pepto Bismol tablets
  • cellphone charger
  • watch
  • small iron
  • deodorant
  • makeup remover
  • cotton balls
  • oil blotting sheets
  • zip-up hooded sweatshirt
  • shoe pad inserts
  • heel traction pads (I had a roll of anti-slip tape instead)
  • chapstick
  • ballet flats
  • cash
  • spare change (ended up forgetting this and regretted it)
  • cotton swabs
  • shimmery body powder
  • plastic bags (for trash)
  • sandwich bags
  • underwear
  • double-sided tape
  • umbrella
  • mouthwash
  • disposable camera
  • Sharpie
  • razor
  • lipgloss
  • blister band-aids (or moleskin)
  • binder clips (useful for when you’re setting up the reception)
  • pocketknife (I couldn’t find mine and REALLY regretted it)
  • first aid tape
  • gaff tape or electrical tape (also useful when setting up the reception)
  • duct tape
  • pen
  • notepad
  • post-its
  • cough drops
  • contact solution
  • sunglasses
  • bottle opener
  • corkscrew
  • granola bars
  • animal crackers
  • nuts
  • bananas
  • alcohol (I had a flask of vodka and a small bottle of Jaeger because, well, I just did)
  • orange juice
  • dark chocolate
  • water
  • list of vendor phone numbers

I know it’s a long list, but it really is better to be prepared, right? Most of the stuff I had around the house (not smelling salts though). My husband is now quite excited about the prospect that I will prepare a bug-out bag.

I started to organize the list better, but eh, I’m tired. Good luck!


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