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4 June 12

This is a blog post about blogs. Namely, my blogs. I have three of them, if you didn’t know. The first is this one, which is my personal one where I write about anything that strikes my fancy. The second is “Laws and Found,” at rjkm.wordpress.com. That one is about legal things not directly related to my areas of practice. Lately I’ve been writing about things relating to my practice itself, like choosing a name (it may sound boring, but it was a rather involved process) and benefits of working for myself. And third is my firm blog, found at vestalegal.com/blog/. That one is about the areas of practice of my firm. Most of the posts are currently about estate planning, but keep an eye out for posts related to adoption, elder law, and exciting issues I’m running into.

Also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here: I started my own firm about two and a half months ago! It’s called Vesta Legal, and I started it chiefly to do estate planning but also to protect the rights of the individual and the family. Please do check out my website, if you didn’t already click on the link above and poke around.


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