My favorite boy is home for a full week.  A FULL WEEK!!!


Five of us from LCM spent last week in the Twin Cities.  We did a service trip, spending time at a homeless shelter, a food pantry, and an after-school program.  It was an excellent experience, and one that I need to still process.

One thing that I was struck by was the gradations of homelessness.  The thing that came up a few times was that, when people have a place to sleep, when they have four walls and a roof, they don’t necessarily consider themselves homeless.  That was interesting to me, and something that I didn’t consider before.

It was an eye-opening trip.

I should write more and study.

I haven’t been gone for days, but it feels so good to be home. I spent 17.5 hours away from home today, 15 of which were spent at the law school, and 17 of which were spent doing law-related and law-school-related things. My head hurts. Not like it did when I was seriously in pain a couple weeks ago. It is just very difficult to articulate any thoughts right now.

I am pleased to say that Dani and I have finished our moot court brief (more than 12 hours before it’s due!), and we’ll be printing it off tomorrow morning. We’ll celebrate with mimosas. Mmm. And then I’ll clean my house, get copies made of my key, do laundry, pack for spring break, and maybe think about law school things some more. Oh, and I’ll get all the stuff for the Easter egg hunt together. That shouldn’t be so bad. I’m going to put pebbles in some of the eggs, maybe mini action figures in others, and then the traditional stuff like candy and cereal (is my family the only one that got cereal like Froot Loops and Lucky Charms in their Easter eggs?). I may fill an egg with pennies. It will be awesome.

And now for my random musings:

I did a pretty bad parking job this morning, and it made me wish that I could blame it on the tuba section picking up my car and moving it. I still wish the basses had started a war with the tubas. That would have been great.

I got an interview with an organization I’ve been really interested in for years! My (phone) interview is next week, though, which is when we’ll be in the Twin Cities for this service trip, so I’m hoping my friends behave when I’m being interviewed and they’re all in the car.

Creepy guys bug me.

At times I feel like I am going to implode. Or explode. I guess maybe I feel like a neutron star, sucking mass in and getting denser and denser and then spewing it all away. Isn’t that the process for a neutron star? Astronomy was four years ago, which seems like light years away (haha).

I kind of like having a vanity blog. But then I feel kind of selfish. And annoyed with myself for using “I” so much. Oh well. It’s my blog. Don’t read it if you don’t want to.

I’m exhausted.

sooo busy

9 March 08

It’s kind of an inside joke.

I am, however, very busy. I have a paper due tomorrow that will determine my future (I’m being only slightly dramatic), a midterm on Tuesday, a paper due on Thursday that will essentially be one-half of my grade (another paper will be the other half, I think), and a really big paper due on Friday. I’m busy, but for some reason, I’m not panicking. I’m just slowly getting things done. It’s wonderful. I steam-cleaned my carpet, couch, and chairs yesterday. I think I may mop my floors today. Or clean my kitchen. We’ll see.

I’m looking forward to the 22nd very much. Spring break starts this Friday (the 14th), and I’m going to the Twin Cities with LCM. I may have already mentioned that. But someone very special will be back on the 20th, and I’ll be back on the 22nd, and we get a whole week before he goes away again until June or July.

I watched Pride and Prejudice last night. I like that story so much. There was a time when I read it in a day and couldn’t stop talking like Jane Austen wrote for another few days.

I should get back to writing. And not writing in my blog.

massive headache

1 March 08

I’ve had a terrible headache for the last 24 hours.  It’s terrible.  My mom was convinced I have the flu, but no, I don’t.  Maybe it’s just stress.  I have a lot of papers and things due in the next two weeks.  But two weeks from today, I’ll be driving up to the Twin Cities with LCM.  Hooray!  I just need to make it to 3:00pm on March 14th.  Fun times.

I’m also really looking forward to getting back from the Twin Cities on the 22nd.  I’ll get to spend an entire week with someone pretty wonderful.