Still harvesting!

8 October 11

This year has been really hard for our garden. We lost pretty much all our squash, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelons, cantaloupes, and cauliflower, and our tomatoes and peppers did not produce as much as they did last year. And our corn failed, and our broccoli never got off the ground… literally. It was a depressing summer garden-wise. However, this fall is apparently turning out great! Beans are coming in (I pulled one to see if they’re ready for harvesting), tomatillos are ripening, carrots are getting big, tomatoes are still happening, I found some red peppers today, and… we have HUGE sweet potatoes coming in. It’s quite exciting. I’m baking one right now, and I cut another one up to make chips. So here is a picture of my pride of the day – yay!



One Response to “Still harvesting!”

  1. beccabeee Says:

    Good for you. It has been a lousy summer for gardening. The squashes and tomatoes in my community garden didn’t get very far. I hope my autumn goes as well as yours has so far. 🙂

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