my immune system

19 April 08

My immune system hates me, it seems.  In the past six weeks, I have had a migraine (or at the very least, a terrible headache) for five days straight, two colds, some random bug that had unpleasant symptoms, and now there’s something wrong with my eye.

My left eye hurts like crazy.  It now hurts whenever I blink.  There’s stuff coming out of it, too.  And when I lean my head forward, my left eye feels massively heavy and like it’s going to fall out.  It’s bad.  Pinkeye?  Let’s hope not.  My eye is red and swollen now, but I’ve been rubbing it all day.

Anyway, I have a couple papers to write and a trial advocacy trial to prepare for.  Woohoo.  I love my weekends.


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